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Temperature-controlled rooms

Large, small, simple or complex: we will find the version that best suits your requirements.


Simple or complex, De Laat has plenty of experience in building temperature-controlled rooms to provide a total solution for every specific refrigeration need.

Different products call for different approaches. We are aware that all companies are different and require specific climate control.

De Laat believes in an individual approach and looks for the version that best suits your application and wishes.


This individual and service-oriented approach lets you keep hold of the reins. De Laat offers a modular system with a choice of e.g. insulation panels, doors, refrigeration system and/or controls.

We can also help you with ULO systems. This storage method, in which oxygen, ethylene and CO2 levels can be actively regulated, is ideal for guaranteeing the maximum quality of the fruit. We are also the people to contact for freezer rooms or freezing tunnels.


All over the world ginger is a beloved flavourings for many dishes.
Next to that ginger is used in many farms for softdrinks and cocktails.
Moreover, medicinal properties are assigned to ginger.

The storage of ginger roots requires special conditions.
De Laat meets these demands and can design special rooms for drying ginger roots.


De Laat attaches great importance to environmentally-friendly solutions.

For this reason, we make use of environmentally-friendly refrigerants and preferably energy-efficient installations and/or fans. We also think about noise. If noise nuisance is an issue, we can provide low-noise systems.

In short, whatever you need in terms of refrigeration technology, De Laat focuses on finding a unique solution to suit your product and your company.

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