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Fruit ripening systems

Our speciality is the design, installation and maintenance of ripening rooms. These can be found in ripening facilities all over the world. Besides new construction, we can also be of service for advice and renovation of your ripening facility.

Everything under control

Fruit ripening sytems are used in particular for controlled and uniform ripening of exotic fruit such as bananas, mangoes, avocados, papayas, kiwis and more.

With more than 50 years of experience, we offer tailor-made advice and solutions. Together with you we will search for the solution that can meet your demands.

We have developed various ripening systems which are distinguished by very low operational costs, flexibility of loading and type of packaging as well as maximum fruit quality. We are specialized in turn-key projects (from design to after-sales), but we are also happy to assist you with parts of that.


Through the years, De Laat has developed a number of ripening systems, which stand out for their very low operating costs and maximum quality of the fruit:

EcoTop Tarp

Proven and tested system with tarps and one air direction. Loss of surface through suction wall.

EcoTop Turn

Unique system with rotating frame for fans with 2 air directions (less resistance, optimal flow). Low energy consumption and optimal ripening result.

EcoTop Twin

Well-known system with reversible fans with 2 air directions.

EcoTop Smart

Movable, stand-alone ripening room for different kind of fruits. Immediately usable in various situations. Also suitable for vertical farming and pre-cooling.



  • The Ripe-Pro is easy to install at any ripening facility
  • The digital control system is simple to operate by means of a touchscreen
  • The Ripe-Pro is fitted with meters that keep track of the gas consumption and hours of operation
  • The Ripe-Pro can be operated remotely
  • The Ripe-Pro can also be used with other types of fruit or applications
  • Low energy consumption
  • CE & ATEX certified


With the Bio-Turbo the shelf life of the product is extended by ethylene decomposition.
This is done with the help of ozone. Because it is located in a closed unit, the room can be entered during the process. An additional advantage is that the Bio-Turbo kills bacteria and fungi.

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