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Cold stores, freezers, freezing tunnels and conditioned rooms

From distribution centre to cold store in retail business, from large to small, from simple to complex! Our variations in the field of cooling, freezing or otherwise conditioning do not have any limits.


Different companies with a variety of products require different approaches. Basically, each need for cooling/conditioning is unique. We therefore believe in an individual approach and look for the execution that meets your application and wishes.


Thanks to this individual and client-focused approach, you are in control. We offer a modular structure with a choice of, for example, insulation panels, doors, refrigeration installation and/or temperature control.

You can also contact us for rooms in ULO-execution. This storage method, in which oxygen, ethylene and CO2 levels can be actively controlled, is very suitable to guarantee the maximum quality of fruit.

From distribution centre to hospitality sector, from ginger to meat

Whatever product needs to be stored cooled, frozen or conditioned, whether we are talking about a distribution centre or a hotel cold store, we have the solution!
You can find us in the pharmaceutical industry, meat processing industry, feed industry, trade of fruit and vegetables etc.


We value environmentally friendly solutions.

For this reason, we make use of eco-friendly refrigerants (CO2, NH3, propane) and preferably energy-efficient installations and/or fans. We also think about noise. If the noise level is an issue, we can provide low-noise systems.

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